Removing The Mask

The superhero thing is about disguises – and I love, like you, those little reveals that lead back, in some form or other, to a romanticised tortured childhood. It reminds me of all of the stories made best; with character crafted from reality. Some insanity is implied; at least, in effect that we become the masters of making lyrics, lines and genius getaways.

We should walk the tight-rope between revolutionary reads, and trash can anti-hero together. Everyday. When we sit instead of standing; blink, instead of blinding ourselves with the starkness of something surreal. Everyday. We circulate in a universal spirit.

Removing the mask is nothing, really. Words become only a fallacy, if the reader is to render all of our writing in accordance to our daily anecdotes. We are ‘transmuting the metamorphosed thought’; finding movement in the faces that have fallen to their own façades, and revealing, with flaked skin, that some things make all of us one thing, together.

Together, everyday, ‘let us sometimes dance’ within receipt written muses, knowing and not, all at once, the face behind shades of each stanza.


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