Terra 6

Who doesn’t love a good sci-fi crime story to bolster you into the day? Read it 👈

Creative Mine

I tell ya, after 37 years on the force, you think nothing can really surprise you anymore. You start getting comfortable in your desk chair, waiting for the next call to come in. Couple homicides before lunch. Enjoy a minestrone while catching up on the news for an hour. Maybe spend the afternoon working on a particularly gruesome double-murder. Finish up some paperwork, grab a Coke from the vending machine in the hall, and spend too long thinking about the marketing on the ride home. 400 years of great taste.

You know, you grow up as a kid thinking “Space Cop. That’s the job for me. Action, adventure, busty alien girls, and maybe at the end of the day you can do some good.” And, yeah, been a little action, some adventure. I’ve yet to find a busty alien girl willing to put out, but, I did a lot better…

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