The Spatuletail Lullabies

I have a vision of the shapes and words needed
To say that I remember when we perched on secret ledges;
The edges of a branch never broken but bonded
By the pledges we made in the night time,
To fly together.

The sky saw us dance with stars and sing a salute,
Farewell to solitude forever.

With wings that broke,
Sometimes we caught our fallen feathers
And learned to leave the valley of stars.
To start,
Far apart from the feet that found us.

On the days when darkness needs light,
We would make any flight now
To meet on the bridge of our beginning.
Spinning words and wings are things Designed to be defeated
In the ashes of our flame.

They say that birds bond for life;
Our nest is woven

I’ll wipe your wounds through any wind


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