A Letter To Loneliness

On many occasions I have tried to find the moment of ‘solitude’ that directors write into desolate scenes. Believing that we are all thoroughly interconnected, I have found it utterly impossible to feel alone, however, or even marginally dissatisfied in the company of strangers. Thoughts inspired by Marx and Hegels documents on art and being as a social entity.

In The End: Rough Hands/Tempered Hearts

A moment of self-awareness captured through an intentionally monochrome description of love. Though this write sets itself within a romantic frame, the leitmotif relates to the movement of our independent minds over time, as we learn to settle into ourselves and come to trust when it is truly time for change.


We seek the sight of others; a vision of their corporeal being, manifested within their music/their letters/their circles. Flora and I make shapes out of all of our insides and arrive, sometimes, at something synonymous – but never symmetrical. This is the first time that we have aligned our work, and we hope that you love it too! Thank you for reading and listening; for watching the spirals sing with us.

Two months since losing Dad

Originally posted on Allison's Blog:
When I write anything I publish, I like to envision us in a boat, on a smooth luscious river where it’s velvety and steady, or seated together where I’m using decadent thick paint to tell a story in multiple colours, affecting textures across a canvas. But today, my quill…