A Letter To Loneliness

On many occasions I have tried to find the moment of ‘solitude’ that directors write into desolate scenes. Believing that we are all thoroughly interconnected, I have found it utterly impossible to feel alone, however, or even marginally dissatisfied in the company of strangers. Thoughts inspired by Marx and Hegels documents on art and being as a social entity.



We seek the sight of others; a vision of their corporeal being, manifested within their music/their letters/their circles. Flora and I make shapes out of all of our insides and arrive, sometimes, at something synonymous – but never symmetrical. This is the first time that we have aligned our work, and we hope that you love it too! Thank you for reading and listening; for watching the spirals sing with us.


Reflections on communism, inspired by the water colour of a Korean artist/friend/soldier that I crossed paths with in the wise city of Sofia, Bulgaria.

The Gates of Eden, Part One

Originally posted on Creative Mine:
4/15/2022 I’m really only writing this because Anna said I’d go crazy out here if I didn’t. I don’t know, might just lose it anyway. It’s good to be writing again, though. Never thought I’d say that. Then again, I didn’t expect any of this to happen. Though, for all…